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A Lofty Perch?

We’re on a fence, we can’t get off, and the resulting imprints are becoming quite sore! Why do we stay so long? Because it seems easier and more comforting than making a decision.

We find ourselves in a situation that has been set up for us, albeit by our own doing, with not much room to move. Down below are the “greener grass” dreams and “ifs”. “If I had enough money, I would…”, “if I had a different life, I would…” If…If…and time goes by. Punctuated by the if’s and would’s, all the while our bums are feeling the pain of even deeper imprints. Discouragement, depression, and disillusionment are all the symptoms of long term fence sitting. Blaming others becomes a habit and excessive discontentment becomes a way of life.

The power of our free will has given us a choice to make any decision we want, take any path we want. However, making decisions and following through is often times troublesome. Because it means giving up neutrality for movement, and all movement involves a certain element of risk. Even though this might be disconcerting, risk taking can lead to good and positive changes in our lives. The irony is, we are most likely to achieve comfort from taking action and assuming control rather than being a neutral onlooker.

By bringing into focus what we are doing, we can put the first step on the round. The grass isn’t as green, but it does have potential. Pick a few weeds, fertilize and don’t forget to water.

Weeding is eliminating the uneasiness from the movement toward these dreams, by acknowledging the problems and dealing with them. Fertilizing is the patience with ourselves when acting and deciding. The results are possibly not immediate, but a rather slow development toward our goals and “true” freedom. This is self-control. And judging from the imprints and pain, we have already proved we can be patient!

Watering is useful, it renews the strength of the grass. It washes away the dirt and reminds us it is indeed green. The grass’ mechanics can better function when not fogged from the sun. Photosynthesis can properly produce what its supposed to because it has the elements all working in alignment. When we are reminded of our strengths and passions, we too can function in alignment. Thereby taking on our own responsibility and despite the ifs, we are taking action toward our dreams.

These steps we have taken show us a developed “greener grass”. They remind us of our God-given right to choose self-control, that our strength is in our own contentment. Making the decision to “just do it” gives us a strong foothold on the ground. Moving forward is the action that produces comfort. And as a result, making decisions from choices becomes easier. New habits are formed and may reduce, if not eliminate, depression and stress. Blaming and holding others in contempt is converted to a calm and loving development of relationships.

Then we get all the benefits of being at ease and becoming the person we always wanted to be…just from getting off a fence!

It seems too easy doesn’t it?

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