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Where does overwhelm come from?

It’s like a bomb to be reckoned with. {during>>>

`nagging repetitions of the same thing

`circumstances that go wrong and pile up

`feel clumsy or defeated

`tired, fatigued, maybe even depressed

One might say “oh fine, ok I’ll move with this one too.” But then, one more stupid little thing happens and WHAM you break. Tears of anger flood the body, opposite of adrenaline and all feels hopeless.

Even despite the beauty around you, because you’re still wanting to seem positive, it's hard to pull up and out. I suggest you take a break, step away from the chore(s) at hand. Breathe and drink water. Go smell a lovely flower or a bath salt. Afterwards think on how we seem to beat ourselves up, could we possibly think we're separated from our Source as alone, even abandoned again?

We need to look at this OBomb in the face and take our reins back. It’s always up to us to do so, we certainly have before, we have only forgotten in this moment. I’m here to remind you…feel what you feel, breathe in deep, allow it’s shadowy face to get into focus and then exhale with a big sigh. Bully-overwhelm is over-done, and soon gone again. And just in time to realize you really do appreciate the beauty around you!

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