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My Poppy Worry Story

I love all kinds of poppies…the reds for sure. Then there's the wild yellows and California orange ones. Not to forget those sherbet colourful beauties with the terrific name, "Champagne Bubbles”. The fact is I’m always on the look out for new ones, and one day I found a little poppy plant at Miner’s. The tag said it was a purple-grape, I had to have it!

I transplanted the 3” tall cutie into a much bigger pot and watched it grow to over 3 feet! I became obsessed with this guy, looked in every day, as it was such a joy to watch develop. It grew fast and tall at first, then one little nub turned into a bud at the very top of the plant.

When this bud was almost 2”, it looked like a light bulb that seemed like any day it would bloom. When it didn’t after days going by, I started to get worried. More days went by, and it began to droop. As a matter of fact, one morning I went to check him and his neck was so bent, I began to cry. I just knew I hurt him somehow, questioned that I didn't give enough or too much water or sunlight, whatever. Oh how I lamented big time, of course I continued to hover over his growth, all the while constantly fretted to myself and sometimes Jim. One last evening, I looked in on my new friend and knew this was the end. I whispered my gratitudes and apologized for not being a good steward.

The very next morning, I opened our front door, looked across the garden to see the most incredible blossom! Sure enough it was a purple-grape and about 3 inches wide! It smiled at the sun and when I got close to smell him, I knew he smiled at me too. As if to say, "you worry- wart. Life is all about letting go and Knowing all is well.” And so it was, I smiled through my tears of joy and literally did a little jig, arms above and said, “Thank You Mother Nature and All who runs this Universe…THANK YOU indeed!”

Oh wow...this was such a confirmation how worrying gets us no where. I spent so much energy on it, agonized, the bloody worry of it. Yet I tried convincing myself I wasn’t worried, even though, Jim reminded me I was! My reasoning, was that 'I was nurturing and marveling at the plants beauty and growth'. Ha! That ol’lying mind got me again!

After the big bloom, more buds came and went, not as big as the topper, but lovely none-the-less. As you may know, after the blooms, comes the seed pod. I let the one on top be, and cut the others off after their blooms. Even the seedpod was beautiful and poured out jillions of seeds. We will see what they produce someday!

By the way, when I thought the plant was dead, one more little bloom popped out of the brown leaves.

As a testament to living to love and loving to live! It was an amazing adventure.


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