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My Mom was a Pioneer!

My Mom pioneered great skin-care. For over four decades she developed skin care products and taught how to care for the entire body as a whole. She always produced results from the inside-out as well as the outside-in. She was ahead of her time! I know she would be proud and happy that I have continued with her ideas and how she influenced my own life-style choices, in taking good care of my body and especially, my skin.

My "fountain of youth elixir", MonaVie MX, has been providing the basis of my internal care for the last 7+ years. It has been proven in thousands of studies that powerful anti-oxidants are the best defense against the ravages of free radicals and the aging they accelerate. In fact, my own joint pains and asthma have been eliminated as my immune system has strentghtened. What else would one expect when drinking a blend of 19 fruits and 11 vegetables everyday?!

Following her insistance, I have protected my skin from sun damage since I was a kid. And now I have access, through our new partner Jeunesse, to further this process: cutting-edge skin care products designed specifically by MD's to help fight the aging process. These are not to be confused with cosmetics. These are science-based products that protect our skin and actually reverse the signs of aging.

I am proud and happy to be able to practice and deliver the essence of what My Mom taught and shared with so many people over the years. The combination of eating right, exercise and protecting my skin, has been instrumental for me in following her lead. As a matter of fact, I know she would be a strong advocate of what I'm doing!

Thank you Mom!

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