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   WHO AM I   


My name is Dawn and I love life.  I have developed SparkleSpins to deliver good cheer and maybe even help people.  Life is a Joy, yet it sure can be tough at times.  So I figure the more all of us put out positive and love thoughts into the world, the better we are.  


I am very happy that 8 years ago I met a wonderful man that is my partner in life.  Jim is passion shared, friend, confidant and a hoot to be with everyday!  I asked for, even made a list, of TheMan to come into my life, he did and oooivey, am I grateful.


Speaking of gratitudes, I owe many people a great deal, as all of us are on our journeys, thank God we have so many helpers along the way! LovelySisters Chris and Mary have brought out the next chapters of my life. Spiritual and soul searching retreats have helped guide me toward this moment in time.  Of course too there’s been the crazy, fun adventures shared that keep this life of mine real!


My DearFriend Joanna, asked me months ago to start this website process. I was much too scared and ignored her ensuing prompts.  Yet as time passed this year, I reconsidered…and so it is on The Fourth of July 2015, she helped me let my freedom ring and set this site up!


Over twenty years ago, I wrote a book.  Last year I spoke to another friend, Jeff, said he’d be interested in editing and helping me finish.  This too took allot of time for me to pursue, yet once again I pushed on through and decided to take him up on his offer.  Today, I have ‘homework’ to do on the first 12 chapters!


About thirty years ago, I made jewelry.  Collaged broaches which consisted of keepsake pieces of jewelry; whether a favorite earing after it’s pair was lost, an uncle’s watch, or even broken fragments.  My friend Sheree was an advocate and help push me to create my SoSpecialStudios business.  By the way, there are numerous others back in the day that have been inspirational, made their contributions and are not forgotten!   As this blog progresses, you will learn about them too.


What I’m saying is, I acknowledge that I have been blessed with many talents and passions, yet I often get scared to use them.  I’ve been known to deflect, deny and push away any new ‘crazy’ idea.  Ultimately however, I am proud to say I do walk right through the fear and end up doing ‘the next thing’.  And so it is...

Today, 18 July 2015, I found this quote I identify with:  


"I failry sizzle with zeal and enthusiasm and spring forth with a mighty faith to do the things that ought to be done by me."  -Charles Fillmore

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